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      Getting Around

      The Shenzhen Standard “Getting Around” page is your home for getting from A to B in greater Shenzhen.

      Here you can find a comprehensive guide to all the different aspects of getting around Shenzhen, including: How to pay for Transport, The Shenzhen Metro System (Subway), Ferries in and out of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Border Crossings, Shenzhen Bus System and Shenzhen Taxis.

      If you feel we have missed anything, or you need to ask a question we have not answered, please email us and we will find out and add it to the page. Alternatively you can call Shenzhen’s new English Tourism Hotline at:

      English Tourism Hotline 1258033

      Paying for Transportation

      Choose which method of payment you want to know about.


      Shenzhen Transport Card

      Shenzhen Metro

      The Shenzhen Metro is an important means of public transport in Shenzhen. The following links cover all the important things you need to know about the Shenzhen Metro. If you feel we have not covered a particular topic, please email us and let us know.

      Shenzhen Metro map

      Shenzhen Metro Guide

      Ferry to Hong Kong / Macau / Zhuhai / Airport

      The following pages contain schedules, prices and information about terminals:

      Shenzhen – Hong Kong Ferry

      Shenzhen – Macau Ferry

      Shenzhen – Zhuhai Ferry

      Shenzhen – Hong Kong Airport Ferry

      Shenzhen Zhuhai Island Ferry

      Shenzhen Ferry terminal Webpage

      Shenzhen Border Crossings

      Shenzhen has 6 Border Crossings, each serving different purposes and suburbs:

      Louhu Border Crossing

      Wenjindu Border Crossing

      Huanggang Border Crossing

      Futian (Lok ma chau) Border Crossing

      Shenzhen Bay Border Crossing

      Shekou Ferry Terminal

      Shenzhen Buses

      In Shenzhen, the buses are not very “non chinese speaking” friendly, but we endevour to decode this maze of Bus routes. Perhaps we will just provide you with the key Routes

      Key Bus Routes in Shenzhen

      How to get from Louhu to Shekou and back again

      How to get from Futian to Shekou and back again

      How to catch inter city and inter provincial buses.

      Shenzhen Taxis

      Shenzhen has 3 different taxis which service different parts of Shenzhen. Some can move freely and some are restricted to specific zones. There are 2 zones in Shenzhen, Inside the Special economic Zone and outside the Special Economic Zone. Below you can find out about these taxis, also their relevant fares and how to deal with bad servie or complaints.

      Red Taxis

      Yellow Taxis

      Green Taxis

      How to deal with bad taxi Service