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      Real Estate Giant One Step Closer in Boosting the Value of Chinese Soccer

      Real Estate Giant One Step Closer in Boosting the Value of Chinese SoccerDalian Wanda Group is stepping closer in realizing their ambition in boosting the level and? industry value of Chinese soccer during the launch if a new FIFA authorized tournament in China. After joining hands with world soccer governing body FIFA as their top tier sponsor, Wanda announced that they have earned the approval of FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation in hosting the inaugural China Cup International Football championship in Nanning from January 9 to 16, 2017.

      Team China along with three other first class national teams, will play a round robin tournament with FIFA global ranking points on offer. Dalian Wanda hopes that it will provide a platform for the Chinese national team in improving themselves through drills against world powers and contribute to the increasing demand for the game in China. The China national squad is a contender of a spot in the 2018 World Cup to be held in Russia.

      Wanda Sports Holdings, the conglomerates sports subsidiary owns the intellectual property rights to the tournament that is being develop into a eight team marquee in the future and has a profit potential in media rights sales, merchandising and ticket sales. Having a tournament at home serves as an anchor for events and allow event organizers and rights holder to hold ticketing campaigns. The revenue generated in areas such as broadcasting, sponsorship, ticketing and game day consumption.

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