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      FIFA Signs Deal with Alibaba E-Auto for the World Cup

      FIFA Signs Deal with Alibaba E-Auto for the World CupFIFA signed an eight year partnership deal with Alibaba E-Auto for the Club World Cup, showing a vast potential in marketing in China. Thierry Weil FIFA marketing director said that the deal with the car manufacturer brand of Alibaba Group is not a market that FIFA is strong in as of the moment. FIFA is looking into the market to help in the development of football in the market in which China cannot neglect due to its huge potential.

      Alibaba E-Auto branding has a strong presence in both stadiums for this year’s tournament that will be held in Japan from December 10 to 20. The Club World Cup will be featuring top clubs from FIFA’s six continental confederations with the European champion Barcelona and Copa Libertadores winner River Plate are the favorites to reach the finals in December 20. The announcement of the deal came at a time when FIFA is concern on its capacity to keep and attract sponsors after the said bribery scandal. Weil said that it would be wrong to say that they have not faced difficulties as you can imagine that in the given period and circumstances that what is going on at FIFA.

      Although is not an easy sell they are in discussions with different companies that they are also realistic in saying that it will not change before any reforms will be approved from the Congress and before a new president will be elected in February.

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